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New Shirts

Two new designs join the Music Theory SuperMegaPlex! The first is for anyone who has incorrectly analyzed a dominant thirteen as one of those elusive iii9 (or, worse yet, iii6/9) chords. You know who you are…

The other is a shout out to one of my most underappreciated peepz, tenor clef. Don’t be dissin’ my brother, now!

Where’s the Accidental Love?

I realized — after one of my MUS 104 students said that he had purchased a shirt — that I don’t have any shirts that cater to the Foundations of Music Theory crowd. So in an effort to solve that, I present:

As usual, I don’t make any money off the sale; I just get to bask in the warm glow of knowing I’m helping people work out their music theory frustrations in a healthy, non-destructive manner.

Warn Children About the Dangers of Parallel Fifths!

At the request of my MUS 216 class, here’s the latest T-shirt design, available here.

In case you’re interested, I’m not making any money off of these; I’m selling them at cost from so every penny of the sale price goes toward the manufacture of the t-shirt. Hey, if they become the next J. Crew or something, I might raise the prices a little and take a profit, but until then, it’s just for fun.
If you like these and you’ve ever been in one of my theory classes, you might also like another line of theory-related fashionwear I did a while back.
More are in the works…