Eight More Days!

The official pre-order page for This Is How You Die, the anthology which contains my short story “ROCK AND ROLL” is online, and the editors are so confident in its success that they are shooting for making it on the New York Times bestseller list. This sounds crazy, but it’s worth noting that the first volume of stories, Machine of Death, reached #1 on Amazon… and it was self-published. This time, the book is being published by Grand Central Publishing, who is working hard to promote the book even now, a little more than a week before it’s released.

And since preorders count toward the first week of sales, we’re inviting everyone who is interested to pre-order it. The Amazon link is here, but it should be available through most booksellers if you have a favorite.

Rather than link you to the retailers, I invite you to check out the official web site for the book, which contains a couple of trailer videos as well as all the links you need to pre-order. There’s even a sample PDF to peruse to see what you think… and my story is included in the sample. The first video is a little macabre — okay, yes, I suppose that’s fitting for a book called This Is How You Die — and I prefer the second one. Of course, they both go for the obvious jokes, but having read through the draft of the book I can tell you that the stories are all actually very deep, thoughtful and often unexpected.

So off you go to pre-order the book, right? Thanks!

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