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Where’s the Accidental Love?

I realized — after one of my MUS 104 students said that he had purchased a shirt — that I don’t have any shirts that cater to the Foundations of Music Theory crowd. So in an effort to solve that, I present:

As usual, I don’t make any money off the sale; I just get to bask in the warm glow of knowing I’m helping people work out their music theory frustrations in a healthy, non-destructive manner.

John Williams is Your Master Now

I am going to be giving my presentation on the Music of Star Wars on Thursday, September 20, 2007 at 3:30 pm in Frasier 90 (“Studio B”) on the UNC Campus. Admission is free!

If you haven’t already seen it, the presentation includes music and video and shows a bunch of cool stuff you may not have noticed before… in fact, the most common response to the presentation is “Oh, man! I need to go watch those movies again!” So keep Thursday evening open just in case.
If you have already seen it, then hopefully it will bring back happy memories for you. You’ll never know if you don’t come!

Warn Children About the Dangers of Parallel Fifths!

At the request of my MUS 216 class, here’s the latest T-shirt design, available here.

In case you’re interested, I’m not making any money off of these; I’m selling them at cost from so every penny of the sale price goes toward the manufacture of the t-shirt. Hey, if they become the next J. Crew or something, I might raise the prices a little and take a profit, but until then, it’s just for fun.
If you like these and you’ve ever been in one of my theory classes, you might also like another line of theory-related fashionwear I did a while back.
More are in the works…

Blogs Away!

The first of a long number of insightful, witty, informative and poetic blog entries, or one of a few posts that will sit here, alone and forgotten, as my distracted mind wanders away, never to return?

Place your bets!